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J. A. Kruger & Associates is a South African Business Consultancy specialising in the Engineering and Construction industries.

Project Management

Our Project Management division specialises in the management and control of multi-disciplinary projects. Our skills are implemented from conceptual stage probability analysis and jump and bound or vector based decision making to on-site project control management.

Arbitration & Litigation

J. A. Kruger and Associates provide the necessary level of cost engineering, planning, and project management expertise to support any arbitration or litigation process in the engineering and construction industries.

Quantification & Evaluation

J. A. Kruger and Associates provide the forensic, cost, management and finanicial accounting skills to be able to quantify and support with expert testimony the value associated with disputes; and to challenge values submitted on academic, professional and empirical bases.

Corporation Level Consultation

Our Corporation Consulting division specialises in the facilitation and implementation of strategic plans from conception through implementation through specific processes and cycles.

Finance, Capitalisation & Accounting Services

J. A. Kruger and Associates provide the necessary combination of academic knowledge and practical know-how to be able to manage and support applications for the financing of corporate capitalisation increases as well as project and bridging finance through many alternate sources.