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Claims & Litigation Consulting

Preparation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution

As a Project runs its course certain changes are inevitable. These changes result from unforseeable events,
scope changes with unintended consequences, design glitches, process optimisation, labour inefficiency,
and any one of a dozen issues.

At Kruger & Associates we have personnel who are experienced, competent and skilled at the various aspects
of claims form both the preparation, analysis and adjudication points of view.

In particular, we have skills appropriate to the expert analysis of:

  • Whether a change constitutes a compensatable occurrence in terms of the contract between the
    parties - and in such event, the manner and approach mandated by the contractual relationship
    between the parties for recovery of such compensation.

  • Identification and measurement of efficiency or productivity changes to labour associated with delays,
    disruption and CPM network programme/schedule changes.

  • Critical forensic examination of planning and programme changes with a view to the identification of change events and their impact through concurrency analysis, sequential impact analysis, resource impact analysis and resource efficiency impact of re-planning.

  • Scope change analysis and resource impacts.

  • The breakdown and assembly of data allowing a comprehensive and detailed quantum of claim to be generated that relates directly to scope and schedule change analysis.

  • And the same skills that are appropriate to the establsihment and presentation of any claim are equally appropriate in the examination and analysis of any incoming claim for adjudication - so that failure in any manner to comply with contractual and professional aspects of claim presentation are quickly and efficiently recognised with the appropriate action being taken or recommended.