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Project & Construction Management

Cost Engineering, Cost & Budgetary Control and Reporting

The scorecard of a successful project is completion within budget and on schedule.

The measurement and the control of costs is therefore a vital component in the management of any project.

It is important for contractors and owners alike to keep abreast of a project's cost by maintaining a reliable cost control system, and to ensure that the system is applied to meaningful reporting that enables th eteam to take swift and dynamic action to addres sthe issues raised by the cost control reporting function.

Even more useful to a project team than the hindsight of historical records is the ability to use the project history to identify trends and risks and to address these pro actively before they occur.

The consultants at JA Kruger and associates are familiar with the latest trend analysis systems and procedures, the dynamic use of cash flow functionality through the integration of cost control systems with CPM or AOL networks, and the effective presentation of this information to facilitate effective project control.