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Project & Construction Management

Document Control & Information Management

Hand in hand with the controlling of any project runs the control of, and access to, the documentation and
information relating to the project. Whether the "document" is a drawing, a sketch, minutes of a meeting, a subcontract document, an issued plan or an e-mail, letter, or minutes of meeting - the information it contains
has to be at the project management team fingertips to ensure that valid, non-contradictory decisions are
made consistently.

When dealing with claims, from whatever aspect, the ability to access all appropriate information to the topic
is of inestimable value - and the saving of time that results from efficient document and information management translates into cost effective and efficient management of any project or litigation process.

J. A. Kruger & Associates we have experience with and access to the "state of the art" document based
information management software; our personnel are familiar with several different packages and are competent
in the use of any existing system, or in the converting or steamlining any existing system to provide maximum information access at minimal cost.