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Project & Construction Management

Planning & Scheduling

The control of any project at any level - Programme, project, Contractor or subcontractor - can only be exercised
when the time, cost and technical base lines are clearly demarcated and deviations from this baseline are
managed on an exception and recovery basis. Project planning is a critical factor in the empowerment of any
level of project team to manage the project execution. It is a fact of project management that no project unfolds
exactly in the manner planned. In order to mitigate the impact of interruption and scope creep on any project, the
plan has to be continually reviewed, expanded, re-scheduled, and re-resourced. Each change in plan has its
origin in User, Progamme Manager, Project Manager, or Contractor act or omission and the consequences of
these impact not only in terms of time but also in terms of variations in costs. The project schedule should be the
prime source of identification of the cause and the time effects of changes if the CPM programme is maintained
and updated with the skills and knowledge of the project management professionals forming the core of J. A.
Kruger and Associates staff complement.

At Kruger's we provide the consultative skills to advise existing project teams of optimum practice through on-project ad-hoc advice; to monitor the output on a scheduled basis; to carry out project-specific training for existing staff, or any combination of these services, or we can provide the personnel to carry out the planning and scheduling for our client.